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200 Gram Sugar Dress Icing by Martellato
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200 Gram Sugar Dress Icing by Martellato

 Sugar Dress Icing ® is a brand new remarkable gluten free icing which can be used with silicon molds to create ornate, flexible cake decor which stays flexible for months at a time. It enables both professional sugar artists and home cake decorators to produce the most intricate decorations imaginable ahead of time without worrying that the item will become dry and brittle.

INGREDIENTS (as per company packaging): Rice Starch; fructose; glucose;   thickener: pectin

artificial coloring: titanium dioxide (2.4% )

flavouring;    preserver:potassium sorbate.  Humectant: glycerin

emulsifier: polysorbate 80. It may contain traces of milk, slphites, soy and hazelnuts. Ingredients in capital leters may cause reactions in allergic or intolerant persons.

A digital weight scale is very handy when mixing these ingredients.

Comes in a 200gram bucket. Prep 2 and instructions included.  One recipe will ice 4 of the mats shown on this website.  The entire bucket will ice approximately 8 to 10 mats as shown on this website, depending on the depth of the cut of the mat.

The drying process: 1. Allow to air dry. or...2. Place mat on cookie sheet in oven (170 degrees F) for 20-30 minutes or allow to air dry. When dry to touch, ice the design again.Repeat drying process.  Allow silicon mold to cool completely before checking the design. When icing is ready to come out of mold there wll not be any hesitation, and will peel freely from the mold. Turn mold over and peel the mat away from the design.

Food dehydrators large enough to allow the design to lay flat on the screen are also idea drying equipment.

Can be colored, glittered or airbrushed without deteriorating the design.


Apply to side of cake using scant amount of water or vodka, thinned piping gel, solid shortening or gum glue may also be used to adhere design to side of fondant or crusting buttercream covered cake. If using a non crusting buttercream, the design should attach to the side of the cake without adding the water to the design.

In high humidity areas: May need to reduce the amount of Prep 2 by up to 1/2 amount called for depending on humidity level.

If you are needing the items to be totally stiff....let's say a star that you would like coming out of the can TOTALLY leave the Prep 2 out and accomplish this.

****Expiration date on this product lot is: Sept 2017****

Mixing ingredients: Recipe:

1 RECIPE: will ice approximately 4 cakeart mats noted on this site.

11 teaspoons  OR 55grams WATER

4 Tablespoons or 42 grams Icing Powder

1 teaspoon Prep 2 (clear liquid)

2 Recipes: will ice approximately 8 cakeart mats noted on this site.

22 teaspoons or 7Tablespoons and 1 teaspoon  OR 110 grams of WATER

8Tablespoons OR 84 grams Icing Powder

2 teaspoons Prep 2 (clear liquid)

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Sugar Dress Emulisifer
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Sugar Dress Emulisifer

Sugar Dress Emulsifier Liquid (Prep 2, also known as Humectant) is the liquid that is mixed with the Sugar Dress powder to give strength and pliability. If you have extra Sugar Dress powder and have run out of emulsifier, this is the product you need. Emulsifier Liquid (Prep 2) is included in the Sugar Dress icing containers.

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